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Welcome to East Texas Gardening, a resource for enhancing your outdoor environment through practical, easy and environmentally sound and sustainable advice, brought to you by a horticulturist with more than 45 years of experience and training.

Gardening does not have to be a "chore" - as a matter of fact, it can easily develop into a pleasureable pasttime as your inner creative mind is stimulated by nature and your surroundings, whether on a balcony, postage-stamp sized "yard", or on a large property. Learning how to work with nature and your environment, rather than fighting it, is the key to gardening happiness. Knowledge is a key ingredient to be more successful in creating and maintaining your own garden of Eden.

Gardening activities stimulates your mind, teaches youngsters valuable lessons on life, enhances your property value, and provides health benefits pyschologically, physically and even spiritually as you interact with your surroundings.