Upcoming Gardening Programs & Events in East Texas Area

  • Smith County Master Gardener 2019 Library Lectures

    • January 19, "Crape Myrtles - The Lilac of the South" - Selecting varieties, planting, pruning and protecting of one of the South’s showiest summer flowering trees, with Keith Hansen, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Horticulture Agent Emeritus and owner, East Texas Gardening
    • February 15, "Basics of Hobby Greenhouses” - Think you want a Greenhouse?  Helpful hints and tips to help you decide, with Debby Watkins, Smith County Master Gardener Greenhouse Specialist
    • March 15, "Trialed and Trusted Plants, Distinctly Southern”  - Plants to help your garden look like the pages of Southern Living Magazine, with Laura Campbell, spokesperson for the Southern Living Plant Collection
    • April 12, "Superstar Your Garden with Superstar Plants” - Strong and stunning plants for Texas, with Smith County Master Gardener Superstar Specialists
    • May 17, "Home Landscaping: Right Plant, Right Place” - Greg’s 5 basic principles of landscape design, including do’s and don’ts, with Greg Grant, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Horticulture Agent